A mod menu for Grand Theft Auto V made from scratch with the goal of providing a unique, polished, and efficient experience.


Stand has everything you expect from a mod menu

Be Protected

Never be teleported, stuck in an infinite loading screen, or kicked again. Stand detects it and gives you fine control over the reaction.

Control The Session

Whether it's teleporting everyone to Cayo Perico or an apartment, or kicking people you dislike, you can do it with Stand.

Make Quick Progress

Stand allows you to change your rank, quickly earn lots of money, and unlock various awards, clothes, vehicle modifications, and more.

Rockstar ID Tools

Join, spectate, or view the profile of anyone using their Social Club username or Rockstar ID (RID).

Plus many unique features

Hack The World

Stand's Watch_Dogs-like world hacking allows you do many things, such as killing and reviving NPCs, just by looking at them and using the corresponding "hack".

Augmented Reality

Equip your character with the latest AR technology, such as AR Waypoints/Beacons, an AR Speedometer, Bone ESP, and more.

Enhanced Chat

The best part of GTA Online can get even better with a Discord-like typing indicator, tab-completion for player names, and the ability to paste.

Web Interface

The web interface allows you to use Stand from your web browser, even on your smartphone. Here's how it looks.

Translations Included

Stand is not just English; every version has up-to-date translations in:

  • Chinese (Simplified) - 简体中文
  • Dutch - Nederlands
  • German - Deutsch
  • Korean - 한국어
  • Lithuanian - Lietuviškai
  • Portuguese - Português
  • Russian - русский
  • Spanish - Español

Command Box

Most commands in Stand can be executed or changed using the command box. You can even turn the chat into the command box, and give other players access to some commands.


You can customise Stand's appearance, theme, and add functionality by using Lua scripts or ASI Mods, of which you can find plenty on the internet.

Made With Love

Unlike other menus, Stand strives to be highly polished, so it has no impact on your game's performance, doesn't break missions, and is able to co-load with other menus.

Pick an edition

Stand is work-in-progress. If you encounter any issues, feel free to join us on Guilded or on Discord!

Free Basic Sane Toxic
Estimated Price 0,00€ 14,99€ 24,99€ 49,99€
Toxic Options
Crash Players On Attackers* On Attackers*
Aggressive Options (Kick, etc.) On Attackers*
Watch_Dogs-Like World Hacking In Story Mode In Story Mode
Web Interface
Rockstar ID Tools
All Other Options In Story Mode
Auto Updates

* These options will only be available on players with the [Attacked You] flag, which they will get for trying to kick or crash you.